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His Like Girls aka My first post!!!”

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More than skin deep – A Cinderella (Psorisis) Story…Part 2

“Lies creep in quickly, especially if we dont know TRUTH”, lies need to be challenged and renewed for transformation to take place”. But what if TRUTH isnt allowed to enter? What if truth hurts more than we can bare? Not because TRUTH intends to hurt us (though it can be uncomfortable), but because He appears… Continue Reading →

More than skin deep…A Cinderella (Psoriasis) Story

We are more than skin deep; do you agree?  I heard this saying many years ago and agreed, but it did not reach at a heart level.  How do I know that?  Well, I thought I knew, but I was challenged with what I believed while in circumstances that revealed what I really believed.  I… Continue Reading →

His Little Girls aka “My First Post!!!”

For my first post, I would like to share about what God has placed in my heart for women, and the journey it has taken me on that still continues today. I used to read His word with a lens of Fear, it turned what was supposed to be good into something that became hurtful… Continue Reading →

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